Best CPM Advertising Programs to Make Money from Your Blog 2017

CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) advertising network is the first choice of every blogger and websites owner to make money from there blog, but let me explain about some fact that CPM advertising network not suitable for every blog. Probably there is chance to make money on every impression but if your are getting less traffic so you won’t be able to make money with your blog. If your are one of that blogger who are getting less traffic then I suggest you not go for CPM Advertising network stay back with CPC (cost per click) network because one click give you 1000 Impression money if compere to cpm advertising network. If you are driving traffic more than thousands visitors per day then you can get good amount from CPM Ads.

Generally a CPM network pays you $1 to $3 per thousand impressions. Here is the list of best cpm ad network 2017.

#1 Burst Media ( Now Rhythm One) Burst Media or Rhythm One CPM advertising network is one of the best CPM advertising network but they require your blog should get 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views. They are having different types of ads format including scroll banners, leader boards, skyscraper and pop-ups with different size. Minimum payout is $50 and they pay you through cheque or Paypal.

#2 Tribal Fusion ( Exponential ) Tribal Fusion ( Exponential ) is the one of the best CPM Advertising network among the blogs with highest CPM paying ads, but there requirements of traffic is very strict. They require A minimum of 500,000 unique users per month with Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content blog. There payment term are net 45 with minimum payment $50, they will pay you via check.

#3 Conversant Media ( Value Click Media) Conversant Media is another CPM advertising network and there requirement of site is not to strict like Tribal Fusion. They require only 3,000, impressions per month for getting the blog approved. They are having different types of ads format and ads. The minimum payout of Value Click Media is $25 and they pay through cheque and PayPal.

#4 Technorati  Technorati is the one of the best CPM ads network and there requirements is not too much high like other CPM advertising networks. They are having image format ads and they are offering four kind of payment Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check, account credit with minimum payout $20. It’s one of the best CPM ad network which you can try as an alternative to Tribal fusion.

How to start a blog free

How to start A Free Blog

Well come to blogging, I will happy to help you to get your first blog ready. So you want to know how to start a blog? Well you can start your blog in a minutes, but wait first tell me, why you want to start a blog!

how to start free blog

1 Is the reason of starting blog is an hobby!

2.  You are planing to get some cash from your blog. Let it be, I will tell you how to start a blog, there is too many platform from which you will start a blog if you want to blog on your own top level domain name or you can choose free sub domain from the Blogging platform. There is too many blogging platform which give you power to make your first blog and say Hello to internet world!

Here is best three blogging platform which I think best blogging platforms.

#1  WordPress

nWordPress is the one of the most used blogging platform, its very famous among the blogger as its require little bit or no technical knowledge. WordPress is very user friendly blogging platform any user can use this platform without having any technical knowledge. You can use WordPress with your own domain and hosting or you can use WordPress with free WordPress subdomain like or with top level domain like You will get tons of theme to customize your blog and supported plugin which do all your work related to your blog.

#2  Blogger

Google Blogger is the another best platform to start a blog for free , but blogger required some technical knowledge if you want to customized your blog to get look what you need. Blogger features is same as WordPress features if its come to domain. You will be able to use your own domain with blogger or you can use blogger subdomain name like The most attractive features of blogger is you will able monetize your blog with AdSense if you get approved.

#3 Tumblr

Tumblr is another one place to start your first blog . its very simple to use blog. Tumblr is an social network blog, you will also able to monetize your Tumblr blog with AdSense to make some money with your blog. The road is end here now its all on you to decide which blogging platform you choose to make your blog. Honestly I was started my first blog with Google blogger and I was able to get some money from AdSense revenue.

How to Generate Google Application Specific Password

How to Generate Google Application Specific Password For 2 Step Verification

Google Application specific password for 2 step verification will provide you a strong security to all your Google services. Here is how to generate application specific password for 2 step verification. First of all you need to activate 2 step password verification service for your account just head on this page and use your gmail email Id and password to activate the Google two layer security for your all Google account.

Here is the most common application for which you will generate two step verification password.

#POP and IMAP email clients such as Outlook,Mail and Thunderbird

#Gmail and Google Calendar on smartphone.

#ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone

#YouTube Mobile

#Installed chat clients such as AdiumPicasa, 3D Warehouse, Sketchup, and installed applications.


After enabling 2-step account verification, you might find it little bit hard to set up your accounts on different devices. For example, if you are setting up Gmail on iPhone or Gmail on iPad, you need to create one time Google Application specific passwords. So here we learn how to create 2 step application specific verification password. > Visit the Authorizing applications & sites page ( See Picture below) >> under your Google Account setting look for Generate new application-specific password” click there and give them any name like if you want to generate two step verification password for Gmail on your iPhone give the name Ex: Gmail on IPhone. Click on the Generate you will get new password that you can use on your device, but don't refresh the page if you do the same you need to again generate the code. Now if you lost access on the device you just need to go again on the same page to revoke the password so that no can use your account through your device in case you lost your device. Really its little bit hard process to do the two step verification process to generate password for specific device but its will give your account a strong security . ****don't be smart and try to use password in example image I already revoked my password**'.

3 Easy Ways To Get Quality Back links

buy pbn backlinks

Good traffic to blog is most important key to success your blog in Google search but its not meant to get use less traffic from paid link and other useless blog traffic, get more traffic via natural linking. I am going to explain you the easy way to get quality back link to your blog.

#1 Natural Back Link Via Guest Blogging

You will get good back link by posting your article related to your niche blog on some high PR rank blogs by posting as a guest blogger.

I always do this thing first as there is too much benefit come from guest blogging, first you will get continues back link juice from your guest post, secondary you will get your name highlighted on that blog and this will get you some other guest blogging request so you will be able to charge them some money too or will get back link from there blogs too by posting your guest post.

#2 Back Link From Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is another way to get easy back link to your blog but always comment in natural way or else you will get penalized by Google.

Search high quality blog on Google and comments on there comments box in natural way with proper targeted keyword in anchor text, don’t spam the web comments per 5 to 10 and don’t use old school trick like, Click here and there, always remember to use ahref (do follow) link with your blog top key words.

#3 Back Link From Social Site

Social sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumbler, Reddit, Twitter, and other social networks will provide you easy back link to your blog.

Create your blog page on Facebook and share the page on your timeline and also on the page that your are following but don’t try to comments like spammers on some one post might be you will banned from Facebook doing this type of work.

Pin your blog to Pinterest , Share your blog post on Google Plus, Twitter, Reddit , probably you will get back link from social site but always remember don’t try to become spam, do smart work and the last but not least your contents is king to get your blog on first position in search engine search result.

Where to get authority private blog network links for sale?

Many people selling backlinks service but all are service not going to reach your website’s ranking. There are certain backlinks promotion only getting your website ranking top on search engine. Backlinks with unique content posts are very powerful link juice to your website link building option. No need to build bulk backlinks overnight then penguin notify your website and they will stop your website ranking because your website not build natural link building.

I hope everyone know about private blog network blog posting and it powerful backlinks. Private blog posting is very natural backlinks if you we do proper link building each month. Powerful authority domains backlinks are very helpful for your website getting ranking on top search page.

Many people selling pbn links for sale and you can buy those links with your affordable price. Each month you can spend some amount money for this link building, this will help you lot for your small level and large level business sales. Your website will notify in front of your marketing field. When you buy those link don’t forgot to buy high authority domain blog posts so that you will get strong backlinks juice to your website inbound links.

How to buy quality PBN backlinks for your website?

Nowadays most of marketer selling private blog posting service on internet marketing. PBN blog posts is very powerful and get your website ranking fast compare to other service. Because each blog post’s domain contain high authority domain and high authority web pages too. So if you buy high authority backlinks and you website getting more strong with authority links.

Also if we using high quality content on that posts then quality going to be double to your website’s inbound links juice. Are you newbie for internet marketing business and don’t know how to start up your website traffic then you should buy PBN links for your website and get your website’s ranking top so that your website traffic going be develope once your keywords getting ranking.

PBN backlinks will help you to get ranking fast for your start up website and small business sales. Buy high quality backlinks today and get your keywords ranking on top in google – BuyNow

How To Root Android Phone

Nowadays I am getting this question from many people. Here is the answer how to root Android phone. There is two methods to root android phone, one is root android phone with one click root and other is root android phone via PC

#1 Root Android Phone Via One Click Root Apk

If you want root your android phone using one click root android app ( Not Supported most Android phone) for this you need to install Framaroot Apk aka One Click Root Apk. Install the Framaroot Apk File from this link manually in android phone remember to check unknown sources installation tick marked in Android Phone Security setting. After installation open the Framaroot Android App in your phone and try to root your android phone, As I mentioned that not all android phone supported this root. If you not able to root your Android Phone with One Click Root Apk, so here is next method to root Android Phone.

#2 How too Root Android Phone Via PC

Root your Android Phone Via Z4Root Apk. First you need to Download Z4Root Apk in your PC you can download the same from Bellow link. Download Z4root APK File Connect your mobile phone with PC. Copy the APK file to your Android device. Enable installation of 3rd party apps from the Settings panel. Open the APK file from your phone using File Manager. Follow the instructions to begin the installation. Complete the installation process. Rooting Android Phones via Z4Root Rooting android devices is a very risky process. Always remember to take backup of all your apps and important data before initiating the rooting process. After taking full backup of your data follow the below steps. Run the Z4root application from the menu.There will be two options i.e., Temporary Root and Permanent Root. Select your preferable option. Your device will automatically reboot. Now you will be able to give root access to the applications. You can disable root access anytime by simply opening Z4root application and then selecting the unroot option. The application works on almost all version of android. If you faced any issue during the root please let me by committing below.

How to Unlock iPhone In Simple 3 Steps

How to Unlock iPhone in easy three step with video guide. So you want to unlock your iPhone and its very simple to unlock iPhone.

#1. Firstly you need to find IMEI number o  f your iPhone: Switch on your Phone> Go To Setting > General > About. Note down your imei number same as written in your iPhone.

#2. Purchase IPhone Unlock For Your Phone: There is too many service which offer you to purchase IPhone Unlock, buy one from them but remember to check if they are offering refund or not. I have mentioned some IPhone Unlock Service at bottom of this post. Now head to there IPhone Unlocking services. Once you give them your IMEI and make payment, the waiting begins. Allow however many days they say it takes for them to unlock the device.

#3. Use iTunes to Unlock the iPhone 

1. Once you get the email saying that the iPhone is unlocked, on the phone, go to Settings > iCloud.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID an password if prompted.

3. Turn off Find my iPhone.

4. Take out the SIM card.

5. Put in an unauthorized SIM card (any SIM card that isn’t the one the iPhone came with).

6. Turn it on.

7. It should tell you that you need to activate it.

8. Connect to Wifi and let it activate.

9. Your new carrier’s name should be in the status bar. If so, you’re all set. If that didn’t happen, plug it into the computer, open iTunes and wait for it to confirm your device is unlocked (or require you to restore and then it’ll unlock).

Note >> Not every Carrier offer unlocking, See if your carrier offers unlocking Unlock Service Link >>>MyImei Unlock

How to find lost android phone using Google

How to Find Lost Android Phone/ How To Find Stolen Phone

Have lost your android phone now you need help to find lost android phone. I will explain you how to find lost android in a minutes. How you  find lost android phone? So the answer is yes you can find lost android phone doing a search on Google.

Really not only you will get exact location of your android phone via the power of Google Map but also you can ring your phone right from the Google device manager and erase the data of your lost android phone.

Simply just open the Google in your browser sign in your Google account using same gmail account from which you always use play store and in your lost android phone and search “find my phone” in Google search. You will get this link : Click on the link it will be open android device manager and will show you exact location of your lost android phone if the person who having your phone forget to off the location. If you wanted to ring your lost android phone simply click on ring or if you to delete all of your data click on erase or you may also able to lock phone.

Best Google AdSense Alternative 2017

Google AdSense is the one of the best advertising networks for your blog, but what if you have done too much but every time AdSense rejected you, don’t worry too much about it because you can earn money through other Top Google AdSense Alternative advertising networks or via affiliate marketing. So Here is some AdSense alternative of 2017 which in my opinion is the best blog monetization networks.


1. Propeller Ads Media


Recently joined with Propeller Ads Media advertising network, its based from United Kingdom and offer good revenue if you are getting good traffic from UK, USA, India, Japan, Europe, but if you are not getting traffic from above country there is still chance to get good revenue from other country traffic too as they are claimed that they have ads inventory for all over the world. Even I am also getting some traffic from other country on my content niche blog and making some reasonable money. Click Here to Join Propeller Ads Network

2. Amazon Associates 

amazon associate

Amazon is the world biggest online shopping portal operations in all over the world will give you chance to get some good revenue if you are having Technology, Health or other niche blog for which the related product is found on there online shopping portal then Amazon associates could work for you. But remember its not pay per click (PPC) or Cost per mile (CPM) ads network, with Amazon Associate you will get commission if some of your user from your site purchased something via the banner ads from your niche blog. You will get around $10 to $100 commission based on purchased made by the user via your Amazon affiliate link. Click Here to get Amazon affiliate Account\

3. Infolinks 


Infolinks is another best AdSense alternative advertising network.\n\nInfolink is cost per click advertising network and its target your website page keywords so there is too much chance to make money with your website if your having reasonable traffic from all over the world. They pay you if you reach $50 via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check Western Union, ACH and Payoneer. Here is the chance to join Infolinks

 4. RevenueHits

revenue hits

Revenue Hits advertising network is based from Israel with the great advertising revenue I call this network one of the best AdSense alternative advertising network of 2017. Revenue Hits has a great advertising feature for your blog basically they run CPA or Cost Per Action ads but they having CPM & CPC model too, it will help publisher to monetize there every traffic, so with this network you will get good revenue for your blog but you have to give them 1 or 2 week after that you will get best ads for your niche. Targeted Ads + Targeted Audience = Good Revenue.

5. Chitika


Chitika is the first choice of mine when I was just started my blog , so its best AdSense Alternative advertising network for those blogger who just started there niche blog and want to make money from blog. Chitika don’t have traffic requirement so if your website not getting to much traffic there us still chance to make money online from blog. You will be paid when you reach $10 via PayPal but for Wire Transfer you have to wait for $50. Get the Chitika Account

The above all advertising network are the best Google AdSense alternative so try them and make money from your blog.